Spring is quickly approaching. This means that before you know it, summer will be here and you can spend your weekends away from the couch in the backyard grilling your favorite foods in the heat of the day. After a long, dark and cold winter, everybody must be looking forward to summer, even burglars.

That’s right, burglars are as excited as anybody for warmer weather. It makes sense when you think about it, it’s no fun waiting around in the freezing cold to break into a house. This is one of the reasons why summer is the peak season for burglaries. So you had better be prepared.

It is estimated that a home burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. Which means that by the time you have finished this article, about 40 houses will have been burglarized. That is a startling statistic. And if you don’t want to wind up a statistic, you need to make your home less appealing to potential thieves.

Bostons Locksmith, your locksmith serving Brookline, offers ways to deter burglars this summer.

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Quit Showing Off

There are certain things that when seen, they will definitely attract burglars. That brand new bicycle, for example, the one you paid so much money on. It is a very nice bike to be sure, but you don’t want everybody to know that. Instead of locking it up on your front porch where everybody can see it, perhaps it is in your best interest to store it safely and out-of-sight in the shed or garage.

This holds true with expensive appliances and electronics you use in your home. If you use your tax return money on a new 70-inch plasma television, that is great, just don’t leave the box next to the trash can so everybody knows you just made an expensive purchase.

It also makes sense to open your curtains, stroll around your house and see if there are expensive items that are visible from the sidewalk or street. If there are, then perhaps move them to a spot where people passing by can’t see them.

Fool Them

If a burglar thinks you are at home, there is a pretty good chance they will move on to another target. For this reason, when you do leave your house, you should create the illusion that you are still there.

To do this, you can leave lights on, leave a television on or music playing.

Don’t Hide a Key

It does seem like a good idea to leave a spare key hidden somewhere in the yard in case you get locked out of the house. But this just makes it that much easier for a burglar to break into your home. You see, burglars are a resourceful group of people who will search all of the usual spots people hide keys. You can bet they are looking under the doormat, under fake rocks and on top of window sills for spare keys.

And don’t think that you have found the perfect hiding spot because, no, you have not. There is always a chance that a spare key hidden the yard will be found.

Trim Shrubbery

Overgrown trees and tall shrubs in your yard are welcome hiding places for burglars. You don’t have to cut down trees and pull shrubs to stay safe, trimming them up will suffice. A nicely manicured yard is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes your home safer from burglars as well.

Love Thy Neighbor

Well, you don’t need to love your neighbor, but you should at the very least know your neighbors well enough that they will help keep your home safe. Close-knit neighbors report fewer break-ins because if some stranger was to be seen lurking around your house when you are gone, your neighbors will call the police.

Build a Fence

If you build it, they won’t come. A fence can be an excellent way to keep unwanted visitors off of your property. Some fences are easier to climb than others, you need to find the right balance between aesthetics and purpose when choosing the type of fence you should erect.

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