Security is very important in every aspect of our lives. And while we do our best to keep our homes safe from burglars and other unwanted problems, some might not pay as much attention to security at work. It is all too easy to assume that employees are perfectly safe while at work. This is a dangerous assumption that could cause problems.

You see, if you think your business and employees are safe, then you let your guards down and don’t look into better ways to keep your place of business safe and secure. The reality is that you need to think about implementing security measures without employees feeling like they are stuck in prison. Bostons Locksmith, your locksmith serving Allston, offers effective ways in which you can improve office security.

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Hire a Receptionist

If you don’t already have one, hire a receptionist. A receptionist creates a central point where people have to check in when they arrive at your office. This is great from a security standpoint because the receptionist has the opportunity to inspect identification and funnel security information at a single point.

If you already have a receptionist, they should be trained and educated on such things as what constitutes suspicious behavior and what their role is in reporting such activity.

Security as a Culture

Security should be an office-wide learning experience. You need to provide employees with tips, workshops and resources that are aimed at keeping them informed and updated about office security. Have a plan that includes going over safety resources each month and even implement security training.


Photo ID badges for all employees and guests are a must for a more secure office. Visitor badges allow you to have a log of everyone who comes and goes from your office. ID badges are an inexpensive way to boost security at the office.

Security Cameras

Not everybody is going to like them, but security cameras offer excellent security. You don’t want to install hidden cameras, employees will think you are spying on them. Putting cameras in visible locations and discussing it with employees is the best way to stay safe and transparent.

Limit Entrance Points

One easy and proven way to secure the office is by limiting the number of entrances. Having a central entrance will deter many would-be trespassers because they know there is a greater chance for them to get caught. If your building has several entrances and exits, make sure that the doors lock automatically when somebody uses them.

Label Equipment

You will want to label all of your office equipment with ID labels and write them down in an inventory notebook or computer software. It is a lot less tempting to take a laptop that has been labeled and marked in inventory.

Employee Training

Create an in-depth training program on workplace safety and security. Include scenarios in which employees need to make quick decisions and how to go about communicating suspicious activity.

Secure Workstations

Any computers or other electronic devices that are not being used should be disconnected and put away, preferably in a locked closet or storage room. It is far too tempting when an expensive computer or other device is just sitting on a desk and not being used.

Invest in an Alarm System

One very effective way of securing your office is with a security system. Installing an alarm system will act as a deterrent, once people know there is an alarm, they will think twice about breaking into your office. And the best thing about an alarm system is that it automatically calls the police when the building is breached.

Have an Emergency Plan

Having a plan in case of an emergency will help ensure office security after other methods have failed.

Keep Everything Locked

We know that employees don’t like to have to deal with security to get a notepad or Sharpie from the supply room, but it adds security to the office. You don’t want to entice thieves by having unlocked doors and easy access to closets, lockers and filing cabinets in your office. Call Bostons Locksmith to have locks installed on interior doors, lockers and filing cabinets for a more secure office.

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