If you are concerned about the security of your home, you might be considering getting a deadbolt lock for your door. This makes perfect sense. There are advantages to deadbolt locks that your basic latch locks simply does not have. A deadbolt lock might be all you need to change the mind of a burglar as soon as they see it.

A deadbolt presents an additional obstacle a thief would have to overcome to break into your home and violate your property. A deadbolt offers much more than just peace of mind. Bostons Locksmith offers these reasons why you should have deadbolts installed on your house.

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Superior Protection

A deadbolt is a lock made of hardened steel that extends into the door jamb. Considering that about 60 percent of home break-ins involve forced entry, having a quality deadbolt is one deterrent to this method of burglary.

Difficult To Pick

There are some types of locks, like the tumbler lock for example, that are quite easy to pick with just a few simple tools. These types of locks are not nearly as reliable as deadbolt locks. Deadbolt locks are very hard to pick and therefore offer superior protection when compared to tumbler locks.

Again, when a burglar sees a deadbolt lock, they just might turn away and find another house. Burglary is largely a crime of opportunity and it is not easy to pick a deadbolt lock. In fact, it’s time consuming and a burglar doesn’t have that kind of time.

Fewer Break-Ins

As we just mentioned, burglary is a crime of opportunity. Despite what you see on television and in the movies, it is very rare for a burglar to set their sights on one home and break into it no matter how long it takes. If they make no progress within minutes or even seconds, they will simply move on to another target.

Range Of Options

There are all types of deadbolts from which you can choose. A single cylinder deadbolt has a twist knob on one side and a keyhole on the other. A double-cylinder deadbolt requires a key to open it from either side. And while this does add security, it requires you to open your front door from the inside with a key. This might not be ideal in the event of a house fire or other emergency in which you would want to escape your home rather quickly.

You might want to consider a double-cylinder deadbolt if you have glass in your door. A burglar could break the glass and reach in and unlock the door, unless a double-cylinder lock is used.

Most locksmiths agree that deadbolt locks are essential for home security. If you are ready to make your home more secure with the use of deadbolt locks, call Bostons Locksmith. You will be glad you did. Deadbolt locks help protect your home, your valuables and family from intruders. Deadbolt locks offer homeowners peace of mind and help them sleep well at night.

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