You might be one of the millions of Americans who add funky and chunky lanyards and key chains to your key ring to better keep track of your keys. How is that working out for you? Others will mount a hooked plaque next to their front door in hopes that they learn to hang their keys on it. But no matter how careful you are, it is still very possible that you will lose your keys at some point.

If you are the type of person who loses their keys quite often, there are ways in which you can better track them down. Of course, if you never find them, you can call Bostons Locksmith, your emergency locksmith in Boston, to make replacement keys. You can also check these common places to lose your keys.

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In The Car

Not that anyone would ever admit it, but it is common and easy enough to accidentally leave your keys in the car. Before you get all panicked and start calling people, walk out to your garage and check the ignition of your car, you might just find your keys there. If not, then check the car seats, underneath them as well. In fact, go through your entire car, glove box and all, to see if that is where you lost your keys.

In The Couch

It would be silly of us to assume that you haven’t checked your couch while looking for your keys. But we are guessing that you tossed aside a pillow or two and just glanced over the sofa. Not too much effort, really.

What you need to do is go back to your couch, and all of the other furniture where you sit, and remove all of the pillows and cushions and really dig around and search for your keys. If you did lose your keys on the couch, there is a pretty good chance they slip down into the deep, dark crevices.

The Bedroom

When you get home from work, school or running errands, often times you head straight into the bedroom to change and get into your comfy clothes. You step out of your work pants or dress jeans and slide into a pair of sweatpants without so much as taking anything out of your pockets. Which is just where your keys might be.

The Bathroom

If you aren’t heading straight to the bedroom after getting home from work, school or running errands, then you are rushing to the bathroom. You know, nature calls. Anyway, in your rush to find relief, you could have dropped or set your keys down in the bathroom.

Kitchen Drawers

Many people come home and toss their keys on the kitchen counter. This is fine if that is where they stay. However, you could be chopping onions for dinner and stash your keys in a drawer because you need added counter space. So check all of the drawers in the kitchen before going full-blown panicked.

If you really can’t find your keys, give Bostons Locksmith a call.

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