Pinging, popping and screeching. The noises your car makes can be rather scary. They can also be quite useful as well. By paying close attention to the noise your car makes, it can help you diagnose the problem. It might even save you some money.

Bostons Locksmith offers the noises your car makes and what they might mean.

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If there is a ticking noise coming from your engine compartment, the first thing you need to do is check the oil. Your engine relies heavily on lubricant to keep everything running smooth and cool. One indication of low oil is a ticking noise in the engine, more specifically, the rocker arms.


If you hear a hissing noise under the hood of your vehicle, it is best if you pull over right away and check under the hood. That hissing noise could be a leak in your coolant system, which could turn out to be a disaster if not dealt with right away. If there is steam accompanied by the hissing, you definitely have a leak.

If you are lucky, replacing a hose could completely solve the problem. If the hoses are good, a professional will have to take a look.


If you hear a popping noise coming from the engine, it could indicate any number of problems. The checklist of problems includes a clogged fuel filter, dirty spark plugs and ignition issues. If the popping is accompanied by engine hesitation, you can narrow the problem down to a clog in the fuel filter or problems with your spark plugs are wires.


A high-pitched squealing coming from your engine compartment usually means you have a belt loose and it’s slipping. It could also mean that you have a drive pulley, like for your water pump, that has become misaligned.


A scraping or grinding noise, especially when you apply the brakes, means it’s time for a new set of brake pads. The scraping or grinding sound you hear is metal on metal and needs to be addressed right away.

Grinding When Shifting

This is most likely a clutch problem. You either have a worn out clutch or it needs an adjustment. It could also mean a problem with your transmission.

A Coin in the Clothes Dryer

If you can hear something rattling around when you are driving, it could be a loose lug or some other object in your hubcap. This is a pretty easy fix unless you have no idea how your lug came loose. You should have that checked out so it doesn’t happen again.

Snapping or Popping When You Turn

If you hear what sounds like fingers snapping or a popping noise coming from the front of your car when you turn, it could mean you need to have your CJ joints replaced.

A Squeak That Speeds Up

If there is a squeak that speeds up as you accelerate, it is probably a universal joint that needs some attention.

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