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Maintaining proper security in a building that has a large number of rooms requires more than just a bunch of random locks on all of the doors. What you need is a security system that ensures only authorized people have access to certain rooms.

Any large complex with numerous doors is bound to have many locks. There will be some rooms that most employees are able to access while other rooms are sure to be more restricted. It makes no sense to have one key that fits all locks, it makes even less sense to have a different key for each individual lock in the building. It sounds like a dilemma.

Actually, it is a situation that can be easily resolved simply by calling your locksmith in North End.

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Master Key System

A master key system is a perfect way to provide maximum security for your business combined with convenience when securing large buildings with numerous doors.

A master key system is a system that allows two or more keys to open one lock. Most businesses do not want their employees to have to carry around a bunch of keys. High-level employees would have many keys as they are allowed access to most rooms. A master key system enables one key to fit certain rooms. This means that for different levels of security, there are different levels of restricted entry.

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Keypad Locks

We are locksmiths who understand the need for your business to have great security. As such, you may wish to have a keypad lock installed at your place of business. The type of door locks you have for your business will greatly influence the level of security and safety. Traditional locks hold a certain disadvantage because you need keys to open them. Keys can be lost or misplaced and fall into the wrong hands quite easily. They can also be copied without your knowledge.

Keypad locks are increasing in popularity due to their utility and convenience. The convenience of a keyless entry system is an outstanding benefit as you don’t have to fumble around with a set of keys when trying to gain access to your building. There is no frantic search for keys that have been misplaced because, well, there are no keys to misplace.

In addition to being very convenient, keyless locks are also very secure. Keypad locks offer a higher level of security than keyed locks because they are pick-proof and bump-proof. When a traditional lock has been bypassed by lock bumping, it shows no sign of forced entry and therefore might make it difficult for you to collect losses from your insurance company.

Keypad locks can be utilized by homeowners as well. Keypad locks eliminate the need for children and teens to have a key to your home. Keys are easy to lose and it is all too easy for children to misplace the house key. A keypad means there is no chance your kids will lose a key and be locked out of the house.

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