Your garage is a great addition to your home, but it can be a huge security risk if you are not careful. Most home intrusions occur on the first floor and many are made by accessing a garage door or the door that leads to the garage. With the right know-how, just about anybody can break into your garage. Yet, somehow, we don’t place enough emphasis on keeping our garages safe and secure.

If keeping your home safe is a top priority, you need to ensure your garage is secure. Bostons Locksmith, your mobile locksmith in Boston, offers a few tips you can follow to help keep your garage safe and secure.

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Cover The Windows

It is really nice having the sun shine in your garage, but it is more secure if you have window coverings. Leaving the windows in your garage uncovered means anybody can look in and see all of the cool stuff they would like to steal. If thieves don’t know what is in your garage, they are less likely to be tempted.

And while you might enjoy a cool breeze blowing through your garage, you should keep the window shut and locked when you aren’t in your garage. It is just too easy to break into your garage if the window is open.

Motion Lighting

Most burglars approaching a house or garage will run away if motion lighting goes on. Motion lighting is a great way to scare thieves away from your garage and give your home added protection.

Keep Garage Door Opener With You

It is mighty convenient having your garage door opener in your car, but this makes it a whole lot easier for someone to steal it. It makes sense to get into the habit of either leaving the opener at home or taking it with you when you run errands or are going out to dinner. If you do have to leave it in your vehicle, put it in the glove box or otherwise out of sight. And make sure your car doors are locked.

Some modern garage door openers come in the form of a keychain so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

Get An Alarm

It makes just as much sense to install an alarm in your garage as it does to install an alarm in your home. Should somebody break into your garage, an alarm sounds and scares them off before they enter your home.

Get A Deadbolt

Have a deadbolt installed on the door from your garage to your house. And make sure the door leading from your house into the garage is solid and sturdy, so it can’t be easily kicked in.

Close Your Garage Door

It is amazing how many people leave their garage doors open when they run out for a short errand or are inside just hanging out. An open garage is an invitation for anyone to pop in and take what they want. You might think you live in a good and safe area, that is the first place criminals like to go to case houses.

Install A Peephole

Install a wide-angle peephole on the door from your house into your garage. This way, you can see what is going on should you hear a noise without having to open the door.

Zip Tie

Thieves can slip a wire over the top of your garage door and trip your emergency release lever, thus effectively breaking into your garage. A zip tie is all you need to secure your emergency release lever without losing its functionality. Check out this video.

If you need a deadbolt installed on your garage door, give Bostons Locksmith a call.

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