Locksmiths play a vital role in your community. Every day, they are unlocking doors, installing deadbolts, opening safes, adding security systems and re-keying locks for new homeowners. Locksmiths in Boston are busy all of the time. As you are reading this, there is somebody in Boston who just locked their keys in the car and they are calling a locksmith this very moment.

For the most part, a locksmith in Boston will keep quite busy in the private sector. That is, they spend much of their day helping others get into their cars and unlocking people’s homes. But they are important in the public sector as well. In fact, locksmiths are very much needed by both small and big businesses in the city.

Think about it; if you are a business owner and you need to have the locks in your office changes out, you would have to call a locksmith. Bostons Locksmith, your commercial locksmith in Boston, offers you several reasons businesses need locksmiths.

Commercial, Residential and Auto locksmith services


When it comes to keeping buildings and other things secure, you can bet a locksmith is the expert you want to talk with. Almost all businesses have vaults or rooms that they store valuable items. But a business owner may not know the best way to secure a room, therefore a commercial locksmith is called in for advice.

Locksmiths know all about safes and keeping inventory safe from thieves.

Ability To Handle All Security Systems

Many businesses are interested in having sophisticated locks and security systems installed at their place of business. Since it is doubtful that anybody working at the office is an expert in security systems, a locksmith will be called.

Lockout Services

Just as you might lock yourself out of your car or your home even, you can also accidentally lock yourself out of your place of business. If this happens, don’t be embarrassed, it happens all of the time. So hold your head high and place a call to your locksmith.

In a very short period of time, your locksmith will arrive and devise a plan to get you back into your office.

Installing Locks

Installing a traditional lock on a door at home isn’t a real tough job, but installing a lock on a business door is quite difficult. You have all seen typically front doors to houses, they are much different than the big, heavy metal doors you see on various types of office building and other commercial property.

In order to thwart potential break-ins. doors and locks on businesses are a lot more sturdy. And while a homeowner feels quite safe with a door lock and deadbolt, a place of business needs a lot more to keep it secure.

Full Control Of All Your Business

A business may have several hundred employees. Not all of these employees have access to all of the same rooms in a building. For example, it is only necessary that the IT personnel have access to the server room. There just isn’t any need for Bob from accounting to be in the server room. So employees in the IT department have a key to the server room and Bob doesn’t.

However, Bob is in accounting and needs access to the room where the safe is kept. Therefore, Bob has a key to the safe room and employees in IT don’t. Yes, it is all rather confusing. It gets even more complicated when you consider the number of employees and the number of rooms they are allowed in.

A locksmith can streamline this process and can create master keys that only access certain rooms. This way, employees don’t have to carry around multiple keys to the office.

Re-Coding A Security System

If you are a business owner and you do suffer a break-in, your security system will need to be re-coded. Just call your commercial locksmith and get the ball rolling.

Another reason you might want to re-code your security system is if you have had a lot of staff turnover or if you had to let somebody go and lost trust in them.

There are many reasons to call a commercial locksmith. If you are a business owner and need a commercial locksmith, give Bostons Locksmith a call.

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