Cities are graveyards for stolen bicycles. Take a look at any public bike rack and you will see damaged bike frames hanging off them with missing wheels, handlebars and seats. The air is thick with ghosts of all of the bikes that have been stolen. Diamondbacks, Fujis, Treks and Specialized, if you listen closely, you can hear their cute bells ringing and gears shifting.

It is estimated that between one and two million bicycles are stolen in the United States every year. And if you have had your bike stolen, don’t hold your breath in hopes of ever getting it back. You have to understand that bike theft isn’t a high priority for local law enforcement.

But there is good news. With the right kind of bike lock and proper locking technique, you can reduce the chances of having your bike stolen. Bostons Locksmith, your emergency locksmith service, offers this handy lock buying guide.

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Chain Locks

Chain locks are heavy duty beasts that are built to deter the best of thieves. They are menacing, durable and able to withstand a ton of attack power if needed.

These bike locks are specially designed chain links that resist chisels and hacksaws and are tough to leverage. But you need to make sure you have an accompanying lock that is just as sturdy. A chain link cable is only as sturdy and safe as the lock you use with it.

The downside to chain locks is that they are quite heavy and bulky, so they work best for at home use.

Cable Locks

Cable locks are versatile and adaptable but offer less theft deterrence than chain locks as well as other types of bicycle locks. Used on their own, they are a good choice in low crime areas. Elsewhere, they need to be used with another type of lock as most bolt cutter can cut through them.

Many cable locks have integral combination or key locks, other require a separate padlock. Some cable locks feature an armored coating and some have stylish designs. They aren’t as heavy and bulky as chain locks and travel quite easily.


U-locks are widely used bike locks as they are an excellent way to keep your bicycle safe. Its horseshoe shape can limit leveraging and its bulky locking mechanism resists chisels, hammers and other objects thieves use to break locks. The small size of this lock reduces the amount of space a thief can insert a crowbar to pop it apart.

U-locks come is many different sizes. What you want to do is find the size that goes around your bike and the bike rack with as little a gap as possible. You can get a small U-lock to secure your front wheel to a fixed object and a bigger one for the frame of your bike. This makes for a very secure bike that will still be there in the morning.

Other Options

When it comes to types of bike locks you can use, there are other options in addition to those above. For example, the OTTO lock is an extremely lightweight bike lock that looks like a belt. It is small enough to tuck under your seat or clip on your belt loop.

The TiGr Lock is a titanium bow lock that looks as good as it protects your bike. It can lock around both bike frame and both wheels.

Pitlock Skewers is a system of locks for wheels, seats and disk brake calipers. The skewers lock your bike’s components so you don’t have to worry about having your seat stolen.

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