At some point in our lives, most of us will need the service of a locksmith. Whether you lock yourself out of your car or come home and find your deadbolt is jammed, you will be calling somebody to come to your aid. And there is a pretty good chance that the locksmith your hire to save the day will pick a lock to gain entry to your home or vehicle.

That’s right, the solution to your dilemma is to have a professional pick a lock. Your Boston locksmith is experienced and skilled at picking a variety of locks, including locks on cars, in homes and in businesses. Your locksmith owns a lot of tools that will help them get the lock-picking job done without causing any damage to your home or car. They will also ensure no damage comes to your lock, which is important should the lock be an antique and worth a lot of money.

Your locksmith in Boston has intimate knowledge of all of the types of locks that must be picked as well as all of the lock picking tools at his disposal. Bostons Locksmith offers a list of some of the tools that might be used when your locksmith is getting you out of a jam.

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Pick Guns

There are two types of pick guns: Electronic and manual. These are popular tools used by locksmiths to gain entrance into a vehicle or home. High-quality electronic pick guns are made of aircraft aluminum or hard steel and are operated by pushing a button that causes the gun to vibrate while a tension wrench is in use.

Manual pick guns work in a similar way, but the trigger causes the gun to jump, which allows the cylinder to turn for a moment.

Tension Wrench

When your locksmith is going to pick a lock, they insert a tension wrench into the bottom of the lock. They need to keep pushing the tension wrench while picking the lock, not too hard though. The tension wrench is then used to rotate the shell and release the lock.

Rake Pick

These types of picks are used to rake the lock pins by bouncing them repeatedly until they reach the shear line, at which point the lock opens up. Rake picks work rather well on cheaper locks.

Half-Diamond Pick

Half-diamond picks are very versatile and are often used for disk and wafer locks.

Ball Pick

The ball pick looks like the half-diamond pick except it is rounded at the end.

Hook Pick

The hook pick looks very much like the half-diamond pick and ball pick except for the fact there is a hook at the tip as opposed a ball or half-diamond. This is the most basic of all of the locksmith tools and is used to open your basic locks you see on most homes. This handy pick can be found in a variety of sizes.

The next time you are locked out of your home, call Bostons Locksmith and see which tool he uses to help you out.

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