We have all been there before, our hands on the car window, our noses pressed up against the glass as we release a huge sigh as we spot the keys to our car in the ignition and the doors are all locked. The keys are right there, mere inches from your facing silently mocking you.

Well, lets put this all in perspective; even locksmiths lock their keys in their vehicles by accident sometimes. So we understand just how frustrating it is. But some people make a habit of this. It’s bad enough if you have locked your keys in your car a few times over the years, some people can’t go three or four months before they find themselves staring at the keys they just locked in the car. In fact, it happens so often they have the phone number to Bostons Locksmith memorized.

If you make a habit out of locking your keys in the car, there are steps you can take that will help you from doing so. Bostons Locksmith, your automotive locksmith, offers you these tips to avoid locking your keys in the car.

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Keep A Spare Key

A spare key kept on you is a great way to get out of a bind when you lock your keys in the car. You can wear a key around your neck, like a necklace, keep it in your wallet or even stash it in your sock. Whatever works best for you. This ensures that whenever you goof and lock your keys in the car, you don’t have to call the emergency locksmith.

Let A Trusted Friend Help

If you don’t want to carry a spare key with you at all times, have a trusted friend carry it for you. This way, you are free from the responsibility of having to carry a spare key, yet you still have a good friend who has your car key in case you get locked out.

The two things you need to consider when thinking about who you want to have a spare key is trust and proximity. Of course, you will need to have a lot of trust in the friend who holds your key. You will also need that friend to live in relatively close proximity to you. It’s really useless to give a spare car key to a friend who lives far away. That isn’t a recipe for success.

Lock The Doors From The Outside

To avoid locking your keys in your car, simply get into the habit of using your key to lock the doors from the outside. This way, your keys are removed from the ignition and in your hands as the doors are being locked. You see? There is no way you can lock your keys in the car if you do this.

Hide A Key On The Car

Head to your favorite hardware store or auto part store and pick up one of those devices that allows you to hide a key on your car. It could be one of those magnetic boxes that you can stick under your fender or wherever. There are many products available, just avoid hiding it in an obvious place where a thief might look.

Check The Doors

If you do happen to lock your keys in the car and you haven’t followed these tips, you should at least check all of the doors before giving us a call. You never know, one of the doors might be unlocked.

If you have no such luck, don’t think your whole day is ruined. All you need to do is give Bostons Locksmith a call and we will be there in a short amount of time to help you on your way.

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