There is no worse feeling than realizing as your door thumps closed, that you have just locked your keys in your car. This always seems to happen at the worst possible time as well. It usually happens when you are running late for work or an important event or it happens in the blistering cold or in a heavy downpour.

You can bet that if you were rushing to your car to escape the zombie apocalypse, you would discover you had locked your keys in the car.

We have all been there. The chances that you have never locked your keys in the car are very slim. It’s much like puberty, we all go through it and it is nothing we wish to go through again.

So just what happens when you lock your keys in the car? Well, you go through stages of grief just as you would in any circumstance where you lose someone or something. If you expect to just laugh it off, you will be surprised when your stomach tightens and your eyeballs bulge in anger. Bostons Locksmith, your automotive locksmith service in Boston, takes you through the stages of grief that envelopes you when you lock your keys in the car.

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You will stand there staring at the keys in your ignition while going through your pockets in hopes that you will find your keys. It’s as though the keys in the ignition are a mirage, not real. You will then pull on the door handle a few more times just to make sure that it’s not going to magically open the 57th time you try to open it.

You will check all the door handles on your car multiple times, the trunk will also be checked several times.


Now comes the part when you start kicking tires and throwing a general fit. You have come to the conclusion that your keys are locked in the car and no matter how many times you try, the door handles aren’t going to give in and let you in. So now you can stop, drop and flay around like a two-year-old.

Making Promises

Now you move into the stage when you make promises. You swear that if you can get to your keys you will never be mean to anyone ever again. You then promise to go to church every Sunday and even contribute to the collection plate. You even go as far as to promise to never drink alcohol, eat meat or drive over the speed limit again.


This is the stage in which you sit down, cover your face with your hands and shed a few tears because you will never amount to anything as long as you keep locking your keys in the car. Besides, nobody cares and nobody wants to help you. A least, that is how it feels right now.


You then suddenly snap out of your funk and realize that all you have to do is call Bostons Locksmith and in a short time, you will be back in your car and back on the road again.

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