Road trips are a rite of passage. Unfortunately, if you have kids, you are stuck with the inevitable “Are we there yet?” from the back seat time and time again. But this phrase does not have to be part of your road trip, not if you can somehow manage to keep your kids entertained.

You want your family road trip to be memorable, but you want to have good memories of your trip, not bad ones. Piling in the car together can tend to drive both kids and parents crazy. You could hand the kids your smartphone and tell them to have at it, but you can’t expect technical gadgets to keep them occupied for an extended period of time. Besides, you are a creative person, you know there has got to be more you can do.

Bostons Locksmith, your emergency locksmith in South End, offers tips for mastering the road trip.

Map Out Breaks

In no way should you be leaving your rest stops to chance. Do your research before you hit the road and find interesting and fun places to stop and take your breaks. You could look for historic sites, museums, charming towns and wonderful locations to enjoy a quick picnic.

Failure to map out break locations can result in stopping at random rest areas off the highway that offer nothing except really bad restrooms and a picnic table that is always occupied.

Spoil the Kids

It is quite alright to spoil your kids a bit while you are on a road trip. This means you can give them treats they wouldn’t normally get or enjoy a greasy burger from a local fast food joint. Make sure you get them that chocolate shake as well.

It’s OK to bury your feelings about healthy foods and only playing with educational toys when you are on a long trip.

Drive at Night

If you have younger children, driving at night will definitely help. You road trip will be a better experience if the kids are asleep while cruising down the highway. Keeping babies and toddlers occupied for even just a few hours is tough, driving at night while they sleep will have both parents happy.

Incorporate Education

Word puzzles and quizzes are another way in which you can keep kids occupied on a road trip. Give your kids the opportunity to learn something new about what they see on a road trip and the places you will visit. It is relatable to them because they are living the experience.

Stop for Exercise

Kids need to release all of that pent-up energy they get sitting in the car with physical activities. Rest stops should be more than just a bathroom break, make them spend some energy by having them run around or do other activities.

You can pack a few pieces of sports equipment like a soccer ball and a Frisbee so that the kids can play while on a rest stop. It will wear them out and keep them quiet for a bit.

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