We have done it, you have done it, we all have done it. You walk into your house, put your keys down, and when you get ready to leave again, you spend the next 20 minutes searching for your keys. It is as if the house swallowed them up. And when you do find them, it is in the last place you would think to look. Very strange, indeed.

For whatever reason, your lost keys are found under the refrigerator, in the couch cushions or in a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in three days. There are times when you just give up and have new keys made. It’s not terribly expensive, but it is a huge inconvenience. It is rather embarrassing as well.

This is the type of situation that calls for prevention. It is definitely better to prevent the problem in the first place than have to deal with the consequence. An obvious solution to be sure, but much easier said than done.

But there is a solution to this problem, steps you can take to lower the chances that you lose your keys. Bostons Locksmith offers these tips that will help lower the chances you lose your keys.

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Buy A Key Finder

There are several products on the market today that will help you keep track of your keys. Some of these devices use Bluetooth technology to beep the location of your keys. It makes searching for your keys a simple matter of following a noise until you find the treasure.

There are even electronic key finders that map out where your keys are and emit a sound that rings louder the closer you get.

Stay Organized

One of the biggest reasons people lose their keys is that they live in a cluttered environment. Yes, some people are messy and disorganized. If you have mountains of papers stacked up on your desk and have a difficult time finding that one document you need, it is time you get organized.

Take a look in your closets, drawers and other storage spots, if they are in disarray, clean everything up and be better organized. If you have a place for everything, you will know will everything is, including your keys.

Train Your Mind Young Jedi

As important as it is to stay organized, it is just as important that you teach yourself to put things in the same spot over and over. If you do this, you will remember where things are. You train your brain to do this task automatically so you don’t even think to put your keys anywhere but in one specific location every time you walk through the door.

Big Keychain

Many of you have small, inconspicuous keychains. Many of you only use a keyring. This makes the search for lost keys even harder. Make things easier for yourself by utilizing the biggest, brightest and most obnoxious keychain you can find. Preferably something you can see from space.

It also helps if the keychain you choose has blinking lights or makes some sort of noise. Remember, the bigger the keychain, the easier it will be to locate your lost keys.

Embrace Technology

Your smartphone is an amazing device and its uses are almost endless. Have you heard the phrase “There is an app for that?” Well, it’s true. One handy app you need is a reminder note to help you stay organized. Simply make a note of where you place your keys when you get home and they will never get lost again.

If you have an iPhone, you can tell Siri where you put the keys and she will remind you later. If you have an Echo, you can tell Alexa where you put the keys and your secret is safe with her.

Wear Clothing With Pockets

Women have a tendency to wear jeans without pockets or pockets so ridiculously small, you would be hard-pressed to fit one key in them. If you wear clothes with pockets, you have an alternative to dropping your keys on a table or in a basket, you simply put them in your pocket. It is quite difficult to lose your keys if they are right there in your pocket.

Have Two Sets Of Keys

If none of the above ideas are working for you, make another set of keys as a spare. This way, when you do inevitably lose your keys, you have a spare ready to go. Of course, the spare set of keys need to be stored in a secure place. And you cannot forget where you hid your spare set of keys.

Even if you never lose your keys, it is a good idea to have a spare because you just never know when an extra house key might come in handy.

To have an extra set of keys made, call Bostons Locksmith.

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