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Whether you are a new homeowner or you have been living in your house for quite some time, the keys to your home represent ownership of your property as well as security for you and your family. Your house keys also represent security for everything else in your home, be it possessions or guests.

When you buy a home, it is a big deal when you are handed the keys. It’s a proud moment to be sure. And there is just no feeling in the world quite like putting your key into the lock of your new home and turning the doorknob.

But there are homeowners out there who have an uneasy feeling about the keys to their home. New homeowners wonder how many keys have been handed out before they purchased the home. Homeowners who have lived in their home for years wonder if there is more they can do to keep their home secure and safe. If your keys are a source of uneasiness, you may wish to have your locks rekeyed.

Bostons Locksmith, your locksmith serving Cambridge, Brookline and Allston, offers reasons to have your house locks rekeyed.

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Added Security and Safety

You don’t have to have a reason to have your house locks rekeyed. The added security is a good enough reason to have the job done. Rather than having new keys made for your existing locks, re-keying gives you added security at a cost lower than having the entire locks replaced.

Lost Keys

When you lose a key, you have no idea where it might wind up. Chances are it will never be a problem, but it can keep you awake at night knowing there is one of your house keys out there floating around. Besides, if a key is lost, you don’t know what happened to it. You could have dropped the key in the gutter and it was swept away in the sewer or your key could have been stolen and you only think you lost it.

Even if you did lose the key, you don’t know where you lost it. You could have lost it right in your front yard. A passerby could find your key and try it on your lock when you aren’t home. It’s a scary situation, but it can happen.

Cost Effective

Having your house rekeyed costs less than changing out the locks. If you want added security at your home but don’t want to pay for new locks, re-keying is a great option.

When you start to factor in door locks and deadbolts, swapping out locks can become quite the investment. If your locks aren’t too old and still function rather well, then there simply is no reason why re-keying isn’t a good option.

Time is money, so you will want to hire a locksmith who knows what they are doing and can come in and get the job done in a quick manner. A locksmith will guarantee their work, which is more than you can say about your brother, who was willing to help you re-key your house locks.


You have just broken it off with someone you have been seeing for several months and it wasn’t a pleasant break-up. That doesn’t even matter, even if the break-up was amicable, you should still consider having your locks re-keyed.

It is very likely that the person you were dating has a key to your house. And even if they handed back the key during the break-up, you have really no way of knowing if there was a spare made. Probably not, but nobody wants to take a chance.

If the break-up was bad and you never got your key back, we suggest calling your locksmith right away.

Things are Missing

If things start mysteriously disappearing from your house, you should call your locksmith and have the locks re-keyed right away. You might have somebody in the neighborhood who somehow wound up with a key to your home.

You Have Handed Several Keys Out Over the Years

You have handed out spare house keys to the baby sitter, pet sitter, house cleaner and several neighbors. Of course, this was years ago and neighbors have moved, your kids are grown and don’t need a baby sitter and the dog died a few years ago. But you cannot account for these keys anymore.

You had better call Bostons Locksmith and have your house locks re-keyed.

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