We are going out on a limb here by stating that we have all probably had nights in which drinking too much alcohol has gotten the best of us. It might have been a New Year’s Eve party or in celebration of a Red Sox world series win or Patriot’s Super Bowl win, either way, you had way too much fun. But with drinking comes great responsibility. For example, you make sure you have a designated driver and you always know when to say when.

However, this does not mean that bad things can’t happen after a night of beer pong with your friends. No matter how safe an environment you create while drinking, you are still exposed to some danger, like being locked out of your house or losing a key. These are classic drunk blunders.

It is quite obvious that when you go out to party, someone needs to be the responsible and sober one. This is the person who will make the rational decisions and act as key master. If there is no such person designated for this job, things can get ugly. Bostons Locksmith, Your automotive locksmith, offers the horrors of what happens when you drink too much.

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Security Breach

Even if you somehow manage not to lose your key and manage to unlock your front door after a night of alcohol-fueled debauchery, other problems will arise. You may stumble into your bedroom with your pants around your ankles and pass out of the foot of your bed without realizing you left the front door wide open. Less horrifying is when you manage to get inside and get to bed not realizing you left the keys in the lock.

Either way, you are at risk of a break-in at that point. Perhaps you should call a locksmith and get keyless locks.

Breaking Away

When you are under the influence of alcohol, every small task that you attempt involves a great deal of difficulty. And even though you have successfully unlocked your front door with a key a thousand times and more while sober, in your current drunk state you are having a difficult time just how that key fits in the lock. In a panic, because you need to use the bathroom, you shove the key in, turn it as hard as you can and break it off. Better call Bostons Locksmith.

Oops, I Forgot Again

When alcohol is consumed, your brain’s neurotransmitters operate at a limited capacity. Basically, you become easily distracted. So while sitting at the bar discussing the history of the combustible engine with a new friend, you are suddenly distracted by a person of the opposite sex walks by. You suddenly forget about combustible engines, your new friend and your keys on the bar as you follow in hot pursuit.

When you realize that you left your keys at a shady bar, you will want to call Bostons Locksmith right away.

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