Places Not To Hide Your Spare Key

It’s always a good idea to have a friend or a neighbor with a spare key to your home in case of an emergency. It is not a good idea to hide a spare key in one of those fake rocks. Hiding a key does pose a security threat. You might think it is a good idea to hide a key so that you have a backup when you lose a key or lock yourself out of your home. But the best course of action in such an occasion is to just call your local locksmith for help.

Hiding a spare key is dangerous as it could easily fall into the wrong hands and this would pose a threat to you and your family. And a well-hidden key is not a great idea if nobody can find it, including yourself. If you feel you must hide a spare key, place it in a location that thieves won’t think to look. And, of course, avoid hiding it in places where it is bound to be found. Bostons Locksmith, your automotive locksmith in Boston, warns you against hiding your spare key in these places.

Your Wallet

You might wonder why we added this to the list of places not to hide your spare key. We get it, you need a good reason not to hide a key in your wallet. You see, there are many things you store in your wallet including your driver’s license and other information that basically gives away your home address. So if you happen to lose your wallet and don’t realize it right away, whoever finds it has access to the information and hardware they need to basically steal you blind.

Fake Rocks

So, if you agreed to check on your parent’s house while they were gone but forgot to get a key, where would you search to find a spare? We imagine one of the first things you would do is check all of the big rocks around the premises. A particularity light and plastic one is a dead giveaway.

Listen, wherever you think to look for a spare key, everybody else is thinking the exact same thing, even thieves and others who would break into your house.

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Door Frames

We don’t understand why anyone would think it is a good idea to hide a key on the top of a door frame. Perhaps they think most thieves are short and couldn’t reach it anyway.


Please, don’t even consider hiding a spare key under the doormat, it would be comedy gold. The spare-key-hidden-under-the-doormat is such an old cliche that is is the butt of several jokes. But it would not be funny if a thief found that key under the doormat and ripped you off.

Pots and Plants

Hiding a spare key in a pot or plant is so obvious that it will be one of the first places an intruder will look.

If you did happen to hide your spare key in your wallet and then lost it, give Bostons Locksmith a call.

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